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Considering the need for Orthotics? These inserts prevent injuries and offer stability for running repetitive motions. Studies have indicated that runners wearing orthotics see a reduced risk of plantar fasciitis and heel pain, ensuring comfort. It’s time to lace up, hit the pavement, and run toward a future filled with pain-free, blissful miles! Your feet will thank you, and your runs will never be the same again. Keep reading to learn more about what orthotics do for your feet!


An orthotic is a device that can fit inside your shoes to correct pronation and reduce the risk of sprains or even fractures when fitted correctly. They come in all shapes and sizes and can fall within different categories based on your individual needs to keep you comfortable. You can find a variety of orthotics made for everyday wear, sports, running, and even specific condition relief – like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, high arches, or even diabetes. You also can select your orthotic by the desired cushion with differing brands having a soft, rigid, or semi-rigid feel. Orthotics can vary in the material they are made with, but most today are made with specialized plastics.

How do simple layers of specialized plastics affect the way you walk? By altering the pressure coming from the ground to the foot and reducing external force, different orthotic designs can alleviate pain hot spots and equalize stepping pressure. According to The Foot Hub, by wearing orthotics, we can help send sensory feedback to the brain to prompt it to send corrective movements to the foot and improve function, avoid pain, and prevent injury.


As a runner, you don’t want the possibility of injury slowing you down. Orthotics can make a significant difference in your performance and overall running experience. Besides the obvious benefit of injury prevention, Orthotic inserts enhance comfort, alleviate pain, can be used within a wide range of different shoes, reduce foot fatigue, and are customizable based on your unique needs. An important note to remember is that orthotics are not only for athletes and long-distance runners but for anyone who suffers from frequent sprains, pronating, flat feet, bunions, and other conditions. They work by providing exceptional support and stability to the feet, ensuring proper alignment. Beyond injury prevention, orthotics are remarkable for their comfortable feel. 


Orthotic insoles are not just an accessory; they can be a game-changer for runners and walkers alike. Visit your local Fit2Run, and our Fit Experts will assess your feet and gait to find the best insert for you. We use the world’s most advanced foot scanning technology from Aetrex to start the process of finding you the perfect fit. After the foot scan, we analyze your gait on a treadmill or track and offer you a selection of inserts with brands like Aetrex or Currex that work best for you. Their innovative orthotic insoles and arch support technologies provide unparalleled relief and enhance the overall well-being and style of their customers.

Every runner has different needs, and we’re dedicated to finding the perfect shoe or orthotic solution to support your specific goals. We listen to your training plan, pain points, and preferences to find the best shoe for you, and we will be cheering you on every step of your running journey! 

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