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What do all healthcare workers have in common? They’re on their feet a lot! Fit2Run has a large number of customers who work in healthcare and other industries who are constantly on their feet all day. It’s so important to find a shoe that is comfortable so that you can avoid unwanted pain in your feet, joints or lower back. What should you look for when finding the right shoe? This depends on what you’re looking for – but overall, it is best to focus on stability, cushioning, and a proper fit – which can be completed at your local Fit2Run! Keep reading to learn more about the Best Shoes for Healthcare Workers!


The new Brooks Ghost MAX is a great shoe choice for extra cushion and comfort to help reduce the impact on your body. The stacked foam cushioning offers a soft landing experience, while the GlideRoll rocker assists with quick transitions and is made to decrease underfoot pressure when walking from one patient to the next! The broad base of the shoe creates a stable and secure ride so you can keep working without worrying about any pain.


Asics is another innovative brand that is known for creating comfortable shoes. The Gel-Nimbus 25 features a soft knit upper that wraps your foot with comfort and breathability, and the new shoe tongue has better flexibility to create a better fit and feel. Of all the Nimbus options, the 25 has the most midsole cushioning, featuring the new PureGel technology, which is lighter and softer than previous models. It also has an ortholite sockliner to improve in-step comfort and Asics lite outsole rubber, which is durable and built to last.


Looking for a cloud-like experience? The Bondi 8 is a reliable shoe pick that features soft billowy cushioning, an extended heel design, and stability with its wide outsole. With new foam technology, the shoe is lighter and more resilient than ever. The new shoe collar offers a snug fit with cushioned foam to secure the ankle and an extended heel design for smooth transitions. Not only is it one of the best standing shoes, but it also is eco-conscious and is made out of sustainable materials.


Have max cushioning without sacrificing a lightweight shoe! The 1080v13 is plush and comfortable with a soft, airy upper and a Fresh Foam X midsole built to withstand even in high-wear areas. Although it has some stable elements, such as the sidewalls to keep your feet aligned, it has a very compliant midsole which might require orthotic inserts for runners who pronate. Overall, the New Balance 1080v13 is a comfortable standing shoe that is versatile and a perfect option for healthcare workers.


The Cloudmonster is On’s max cushion shoe that offers great stability, a lightweight upper, and the largest Cloud pods in the midsole that create a supportive and fun standing shoe. The lightweight helion foam creates a bouncy walking experience that is responsive and takes stress off your feet and joints. Featuring an upper that wraps snugly around your foot, and a wide toe box that gives your toes room to wiggle, your feet will be thanking you after a long day working in the hospital.


Responsive with neutral support, the Pegasus 40 has improved comfort in the arch and toes so that you can stay comfortably walking day after day. Enjoy the extra stability feel with the targeted cushioning spots that help you stay balanced. The shoe has an energized feel with a springy sensation, so you get where you’re going faster!

You shouldn’t have to worry about pain or possible injury when you’re working. Make sure to find the proper shoe fit, width, and cushion level that works best for you. At Fit2Run, our Fit Experts can assist you with our Fit Process, which includes a foot scan, a measuring of the length and width of your feet, and a special gait analysis to identify problems in your stride or possible pronation. Find a shoe that offers lightweight comfort, stability, and style without hassle. Visit your local Fit2Run today and stay comfortable every day at work! 

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