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Many runners can’t think about their routine run without having something to distract themselves, such as music, a podcast, or an audiobook. Music lovers understand the power of a beat and how it can elevate your running experience and motivate you to push harder. Keep reading to discover the best way to listen to music while running.

Choose the Right Tempo

It can be a nuisance when you’re running your personal best and enjoying fast or intense music when all of the sudden a slow song comes on and disrupts your rhythm. Thankfully, playlists can tailored and curated depending on your running pace. BPM, or beats per minute, uses your heart rate and is used to sync your stride with the tempo of the music you’re listening to.

Create Themed Playlists

Use apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora to create themed playlists for different moods or run routes. Making a themed playlist based on your scenery or training session can get you more excited about your run. For example, on a beautiful summer day you can create a playlist with all your favorite summer music hits that are upbeat and fun. On a cloudy, windy day, you might be more in the mood for electronic music or rock. Constantly changing up your scenery and audio during your runs can keep things interesting! Check out Fit2Run’s Spotify account here!

Create a Gradual Build-Up

To have a more enjoyable running process, start with slower tempo songs first and gradually create your playlist to follow your runner’s high. While warming up, focus on more soothing songs that allow you to destress while stretching. As your pace increases, include faster upbeat songs that are energetic and pump you up! This smooth transition of music prepares your mind for the intensity of your run.

Listen to the Lyrics

Never underestimate the power of emotionally moving and motivational lyrics. While the music itself can be great to power your run, an empowering message or deeper meaning behind the lyrics can connect you to the song and get you through your fatigue.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Having headphones on and blasting your favorite songs while you run is always fun – but always make sure you are aware of the people and vehicles around you. Before you take a new trail or route always let someone know where you’re going and an estimated time you will be back. Be familiar with the route before you go, in case of an emergency.

Music Loving Running Gear

Looking for all the essential music loving running gear? Check out Shokz headphones that are disrupting traditional earphone companies with bone conduction technology, so you’re more aware of your surroundings. Looking for a new watch so you can go without your phone? Check out the Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, with a built-in Spotify app.

There are so many music genres to utilize and make your runs more fun and exciting. Whether you’re walking or running, music has a way of motivating people to perform to the best of their abilities. Fit2Run has all the music accessories you need! Visit your local store today to set yourself up for a great run.

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