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From social media influencers, to nurses , to everyday runners, HOKA has been all the craze lately – for good reason. These comfortable and plush shoes are made with runners in mind, but they are good for just about any activity. Whether you’re running, walking, hiking, or at the gym, Hoka has numerous options to choose from. With the help of our Fit Experts, we can guide you to your next best Hoka fit! Keep reading to see our top picks for the Best HOKA Walking Shoes.

Best HOKA Everyday Walking Shoe: Clifton

One of Hoka’s more popular models, the HOKA Clifton has reactive cushioning that is lightweight for walkers or people who are on their feet all day. With enough platform to push off from, these shoes can withstand your day whether walking or training for a marathon while also keeping your feet and knees comfortable. The new and improved upper offers breathable flexibility and a gusseted tongue which prevents debris from entering while on your trail walk.

Best HOKA High Cushion Walking Shoe: Bondi

If you’re looking for that plush feel with an outsole that has max impact absorption, check out the HOKA Bondi. This max-cushioned shoe has the perfect mixture between a soft and bouncy step with its lightweight foam. The extended heel helps with stability and the pillowy tongue stays in place during those brisk walks.

Best HOKA Stability Walking Shoe: Arahi

Need a stability shoe that doesn’t come with the extra weight? Try the HOKA Arahi 6! With J-Frame Technology that is designed to combat inward roll and overpronation, and a meta-rocker that provides forefoot support, you’ll have the smoothest walk ever!

Best HOKA Neutral Walking Shoe: Kawana

For those of you with even wear on your shoes, you might be looking for a neutral shoe with moderate stability and balanced cushion support. The HOKA Kawana offers that and more with an extended crash pad, swallowtail heel geometry designed to help reduce impact, and compression molded EVA foam for a more responsive experience.

Best HOKA Hiking Shoe: Transport

The HOKA Transport is a lifestyle and hiking shoe that gets you where you need to go. Whether you’re walking in Times Square or hiking in the Grand Canyon, the shoe’s quick-toggle lace gets you out the door quick and is equipped with sustainable features including an EVA midsole made of 30% sugarcane, an outsole that uses 90% oil-free components, and 100% recycled rPET. Not only will your feet thank you, but the planet will too!

Best HOKA Lightweight speed Walking Shoe: Mach

Are you constantly on your feet all day and need a comfortable lightweight shoe? The Mach is a snappy performance trainer that is great for speedy runs or quick and casual walks. This shoe features firm cclightweight foam, creel jacquard engineered mesh, a molded EVA sockliner, a rubberized vegan outsole, and a lay-flat gusseted tongue that creates a dynamic smooth ride. After work, speed walk? Yes, please!


HOKA has so many options for every type of walker! Stop by your local Fit2Run to get fitted in the perfect walking shoes made for you! Check out our other blog posts to learn more about tips for beginner walkers and runners.

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