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If you have ever talked with any runner, stepped into a running store or researched running gear, it’s no surprise that you have heard of the brand HOKA. Since its beginning in 2009, HOKA has become a staple in the running world with next-level comfort as they have made it their number one goal to make running easier. Concentrating their shoes on premium cushioning that is light, responsive and durable while also protecting without compromising performance, HOKA shoes have become a favorite amongst runners and walkers alike. Whether you are looking for a daily walking shoe, a run training shoe or a speedy racing shoe, HOKA has the shoe to make you feel light and FLY. And we’re here to help you find that perfect fit HOKA shoe you need. Check out this guide to the top-selling HOKA shoes to find your perfect fit.

HOKA fun fact: Some models of HOKA running shoes have even earned the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance* for their innovation in foot health technology. To earn this seal, each product is reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health. In other words, it can help protect your feet in the long run (literally and figuratively).


Neutral running shoes refer to shoes that do not include any additional features or details in their design to control the natural pronation of your foot. The ideal step motion for running is when the outside of your heel touches the ground first, followed by the rest of your foot and finally pushed off the ground with an even distribution of all your toes simultaneously. HOKA designs neutral running shoes with symmetrical cushioning to give your feet every support they need without additional prescriptive technologies.


Among runners’ all-time favorite shoes, you can find the HOKA Clifton 9 for so many reasons. This everyday trainer has a light and plush feel at every step with balanced cushioning, perfect for running and walking alike. Balanced cushion means it has a “medium amount” of cushioning and is not in the max or minimal cushioning category; it’s a perfect in-between for daily wear as well as short and long runs. Designed to provide a protective cushion while maintaining a response toe-off for when you want to go faster. The Clifton 9 is even lighter and softer than its previous versions. It has a new responsive foam, improved outsole design, and engineered mesh upper with improved ventilation that makes a perfect all-around fit that your feet will love. Perfect fit shoe for runners who need all the comfort and no extra baggage. *APMA Seal of Acceptance

HOKA bondi

When your priority is the max comfort for everyday walking or running, look no further than the Bondi 8. With the most cushion in a HOKA running shoe, this shoe keeps your feet in top comfort all day. Foam cushioning is combined to give a perfect blend of soft and bouncy, and plush comfort. Details like rear crash pad foam are included to provide a balanced ride from heel strike to forefoot and help a forgiving impact. A broader base and extended heel help feet move through the gait cycle with precision. Perfect fit shoe for everyday walking or easy running, especially post-race recovery days. *APMA Seal of Acceptance

Stability or overpronation RUNNING SHOES

Overpronation or stability shoes refer to shoes that do include some structural feature or detail to provide additional support to help keep your feet in an ideal running step motion. Overpronating runners step differently from neutral runners as the heel tends to roll inward excessively and follow us to a push-off concentrated effort from the big toe and second toe of your foot instead of evenly distributing that weight. The HOKA J-frame™ found in overpronation shoes will help prevent excessive inward roll.

HOKA arahi

If you need extra stability in your running shoes to keep you running but want to keep details simple, turn to the Arahi 6. This balanced cushion stability shoe is just as lightweight and cushioned as its “brother”, the Clifton 9 but with the added benefits of the stabilizing factors of the HOKA J-Frame™ technology. The J-frame™, integrated into the Arahi 6, helps you combat overpronation without adding any unneeded stiffness or weight. The overall design also supports a smoother ride and faster yet stable transition to the forefoot giving you more confidence in your run. And if that isn’t enough, the plusher tongue and lighter upper keep this shoe in the minimal weight category while giving you exceptional comfort. Perfect fit shoe for an easy, comfortable ride with a stable feel. *APMA Seal of Acceptance

HOKA gaviota

If max comfort and cushion plus great stability are key in your running shoe research, the Gaviota 4 is the shoe you should always come across. Combining the same maximal cushion from the Bondi 8 with HOKA unique J-Frame™ technology to help combat overpronation with extended heel support and give you the secure fit you’re looking for. Plus, an updated plushier feet-hugging design to comfort your feet will help motivate you to go the extra mile. This stable plush feel will keep your feet comfortable throughout your wear with any walk or run you have ahead. The Gaviota 4 is a perfect fit shoe for a plush but firm feel to keep your feet running in line. *APMA Seal of Acceptance

racing or speed running shoes

You’re ready for some speed in your running and break your record or possibly some race records, so you need the speediest shoes HOKA has. Racing running shoes are designed with features specifically to help you go and stay faster while running. Details like the lightest materials possible, shape and carbon fiber plates to increase your push are key factors that differentiate these shoes from everyday running shoes. From speed training to race day, you want every advantage to get that FLY feeling with every mile.

HOKA mach

If you are speed training or fast race running, the Mach 5 is here for you. Built for performance and ready to race, this is a great neutral shoe for speed days without the extra carbon fiber plate. With a low-profile cushion that keeps your foot closer to the ground and is specifically designed to provide an effective push-off Mach 5 delivers a snappier ride. The detail of the open structured mesh for the upper with a lay-flat gusseted tongue provides ultralight breathability and comfort.

HOKA rocket x 2

Categorized as HOKA’s premium racing shoe, the Rocket X2 features a full-length carbon fiber plate between two layers of brand-new high-performance foam that gives you a responsive and balanced feel with a medium overall cushioning. The carbon fiber plate is the unique factor that takes this shoe to the elite runner level, delivering enhanced propulsion to push you off the ground quicker and keep your feet moving fast. Now even lighter and more nimble than the previous generation, the Rocket X2 will surely help you fly through every mile of your next race. Perfect fit for when you’re looking for your speediest race!

find your hoka fit

Every run and runner is unique, and that’s why there’s no one perfect-fit running shoe for every single one. But that’s precisely why the scientists at HOKA work so hard to provide a variety of shoes that would be perfect for any occasion. So whether you are looking for a shoe to get you through your long run or a shoe that you can count on all day, HOKA has a perfect-fit shoe to help every runner “fly through your next run”.

If you want to learn more about HOKA running shoes or just chat about all the things that make HOKA great, visit us at one of our Fit2Run locations and talk to a Fit Expert today. Whether it’s running shoe technology or running stories, our Fit Experts are here for it all.

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