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So comfortable and such a soft impact on landing that it’s like you’re on a cloud? That’s exactly what ON Running has in mind when they make their running shoes—revolutionizing the running world with innovative ideas and combining it with the power of Swiss-engineered technology ON created CloudTec. A unique cushioning that compresses horizontally and vertically as it absorbs impact, reduces strain and adapts to your unique movement. Featuring CloudTec on all of their shoes, ON Running brings a new look and feel to the shoe world.

When a brand creates shoes for every runner style, how do you know which is the right one for you? We’ve broken down the top ON Running shoes with key aspects that make each shoe so special that you can easily find the perfect On shoe.


  • Most cushioned On model
  • Great for long runs, walks, or everyday wear
  • Designed for road surfaces

If you’re looking for the most cushion during your training runs and busy everyday schedule, the Cloudmonster is the shoe for you. Giving you the most cushion while also encouraging your forward movement to keep you going through a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and beyond. While it is mighty in cushion and size compared to other running shoes, the Cloudmonster remains a super light and durable shoe that inspires big performance.

ON CLOUDstratus

  • Max cushion featuring double CloudTec
  • Great for long runs and long days on your feet
  • Designed for road surfaces

If it’s time for you to add those miles to your training, you need a shoe that keeps your feet comfortable through all the miles. The Cloudstratus features a double layer of CloudTec this shoe was made to help double your running. The Cloudstratus was created to give you the best energy return you can feel from road to feet, plus plush cushioning to keep you comfortable and help you take your running longer and farther.


  • Max cushion with double CloudTec
  • Designed for long distances and long-term comfort
  • Made for trail running

If trail running, nature walks or anything outdoor is your way of living an active lifestyle, you need a good trail shoe to keep up with your adventures and keep you comfortable. Cloudultra combines double On technology to give you double comfort, much like the Cloudstratus but adds On Missiongrip technology to provide the traction you need for any terrain. Rain or shine, mountain or gravel roads, there is no distance off-limits for the CloudUltra.


  • True stability, support shoe
  • Made with plush supportive cushioning
  • Designed for road surfaces

Running may be a solo sport, but sometimes you still need some extra support to keep you motivated, including from your shoes. The Cloudrunner is a lightweight, breathable stability shoe that gives you the confidence to go further. With the bottom unit designed to cradle your foot plus the zero-gravity foam integration, you won’t believe the stable ride of the Cloudrunner. The Cloudrunner feels like the perfect supportive hug your feet need to keep going through your everyday run or a routine workout.


  • Neutral fit for regular training
  • Soft mid cushioning
  • Lightweight

If you’re looking for the shoe that will take your run to the next level, the Cloudgo gets you there and more. Combining CloudTec with Speedboard propulsion to maximize energy return, this neutral fit keeps you comfortable in your run. The Cloudgo is designed to match the rolling motion of your feet with soft cushioning of the forefoot and rocker, which gives for a smooth ride through every training run. With the Cloudgo, you will feel the power of next level of running.


  • Perfect for mixed workouts and cross-training
  • Light cushion and lightweight
  • Super agile

Your training is never the same two days in a row, and if you like to mix up your workouts, you need a shoe that can keep up. The On Cloud X is designed with all the runner’s favorite elements from On but is made to handle every other workout you throw at it. This low cushioned, lightweight and highly responsive shoe is made for everything. Plus, its 3-layer mesh upper is made from 90-95% recycled content, so you and your feet can breathe happy during your workout.


  • All-day wear
  • Urban exploration
  • Travel and fashion

Even if you’re not currently running, you still want to feel that familiar comfort only your running shoes can bring, and that’s exactly what On brings with the Cloud. Combining the runner-loved CloudTec comfort in a sleek and stylish shoe that’s ready to take on work or play. The Cloud is the only shoe in the On lineup with a speed lacing system, so you don’t have to worry about tying your shoes. The Cloud is lightweight and compact enough to be the perfect go-to shoe for every day or a great travel buddy to take worldwide.

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Following their mission of “igniting the human spirit through movement” , On has developed an impressive line of shoes with revolutionizing technology that has taken the world by storm. Whether running is your go-to workout or in any way part of your routine, there’s a perfect On shoe to keep you in movement and dreaming On.

For more information on all On running shoes, stop by one of our Fit2Run locations to speak with a Fit Expert and ask about our in-store Fit Process to find the perfect running shoe for your running goals.

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