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On a daily basis most of us don’t think much about our socks, to most it’s just second nature to slip on a pair anytime you are wearing closed-toe shoes. That is until we are introduced to socks for running and discover the wonders of what the perfect fit running sock can do for our running and everyday activities. Check out what makes running socks different from ordinary socks so you too can treat your feet to the socks that will change your running journey.


Let’s start with the basics. The biggest difference between running socks and other socks is the material they are made out of. While cotton is generally the material that is top of mind, you actually want to avoid 100% cotton for activities like running. Cotton, while breathable, holds in moisture, like sweat, which can lead to chafing and blisters as well as stinkier feet. Be on the lookout for a mix of materials that may include nylon, spandex and/or polyester which will help wick moisture away from your feet. 

Having the right size socks make a big difference. Ordinary socks tend to come in general sizing, fit for the masses. Oftentimes these socks have size ranges or are labeled as “one size fits most” which is not what you want to see for your running socks. Since specific socks for running are a specialized item they are created with fit in mind.

Using socks that are too tight will squeeze your feet, specifically your toes and will make any activity uncomfortable. Socks that are too big will also lead to discomfort causing rubbing around your feet that can lead to chafing. Incorrect sock sizing can also prevent your running shoes from fitting just right and therefore supporting your feet the way they are meant to. 


As with running shoes, details matter when it comes to socks for running. Running socks come with varying levels of cushion, support and comfort to fit every type of runner. From ultra light cushioning, to max cushion, no show socks to crew cut socks, there are varying reasons runners choose different types of running socks. Some variables in choosing the right socks include: the shoes you will be wearing, the weather of your activity and of course your personal preference in comfort. Each brand of running socks has distinguished differences that sets them apart. Keep reading to learn more specifics on some of the brands of running socks we carry at Fit2Run.


Feetures Elite socks are the most technical advanced performance socks, engineered specifically for athletes ultimate performance. Feetures are available in three comfort levels, ultra-light cushion, light-cushion and max cushion and are made with iWick fabrics to help keep your feet cool and dry even through the longest runs. These running socks are equipped with specific Right and Left anatomical design for perfect targeted compression. As if all of this wasn’t enough to make you want a pair, Feetures are also seamless so there is no irritation around the foot or toes.

Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Relief socks, are the perfect sock for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Feetures offers the only sock designed with targeted compression focused on the critical zones that cause pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Patent Targeted Compression that lifts, stretches and stabilizes while easing heel and arch pain, as well as support of the achilles tendon. Available in Ultra-light and light cushioning as well as no-show and quarter length to fit every style. 


Paired for performance, On socks are the perfect partner for running on clouds, for function and style. Made for both warmer days and race days, On socks come in a variety of different lengths making ultimate comfort possible for every runner. On Performance Socks combine a polyamide and elastane blend with technical mesh paneling. The mesh sections help keep foot temperature in perfect balance. No matter if you are running in the heat or the cold, these socks will adapt with you. 


Fit2Run socks are perfect for athletes looking for extra comfort through every run and everyday wear. Engineered with specialized vent weaving on top of the socks to allow for cool feet and breathability. Padded heel and toe allow for ultimate comfort while arch compression provides stability with every stride. Available in a multi pack of assorted colors this is a great sock for those who change socks with every outfit.  


CEP socks are specialized for runner compression which help reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and long-term use injuries. Used during running activity, specifically longer runs, or after as an additional recovery tool. Helps to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles’ tendon compression. CEP carries a full line of compression including full length socks and calf sleeves for targeted compression. (Also available as arm sleeves for arm comfort). Made with Smart Dry Extreme Air Technology, adapts to weather conditions so that you stay cool and dry in warmer weather, but warm and comfortable in cooler weather.


Uniquely designed for specific runner needs, socks for running are the hidden gem of the running world. The perfect fit socks will compliment your perfect fit running shoes and help take your running experience to the next level. While they may not always get the amount of attention they should, trust us when we say they are a detail you do not want to overlook when you head over for your next pair of running shoes. 

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