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The right running apparel is a game-changer. From moisture-wicking shirts to breathable running shorts, searching for the proper running apparel can be quite daunting considering all of the options out there. We created a list of the top clothing picks for any runner, regardless of their experience level. While we can’t promise that this apparel will magically make your run less demanding, we can ensure that these pieces will make your run much more comfortable and cool.

Keep reading to discover new comfortable apparel for your next run!


If you are just starting your running journey or slowly easing back into it, wearing the right apparel can make or break your commitment to consistent running. When you first begin your running journey, you will need all of the motivation and encouragement to keep you going. Whether it’s a graphic tee or brightly patterned apparel, Pep & BB will keep you running mile after mile.  Check out these affordable picks that are just as practical as they are trendy.

Pep & BB

Pep & BB graphic running tees are perfect for the runner who is just starting their journey. These tees have quotes like “Mind over Miles” and “Run the miles you’re in” to help you stay motivated throughout your whole run and beyond. These tees are perfect for newbie runners. 


Wearing high-quality running gear shouldn’t mean paying designer prices. F2R Apparel is designed to give you a better deal on the clothing you’ll love. You’ll feel even more energized for your next run knowing you’re wearing big-time apparel without paying a big-time price.

The 5K Star

Even if it’s just a few miles here and there, you run regularly, and your running wear is a staple part of your wardrobe. Having multiple pieces that you can rotate in and out is essential to keeping your training on schedule.  Nike and New Balance both have great apparel options that will keep you running, longer. 


Nike’s signature Dri-Fit technology is what makes their apparel perfect for the 5k running star! The Dri-Fit sweat properties of their clothing last the lifetime of the item so you can run in these pieces day after day, race after race, and they won’t lose their magic.

New Balance

Designed with comfort and performance in mind, New Balance apparel is perfect for everyday running. With most of their performance apparel being made with NB Dry, a moisture-wicking technology, this apparel will be sure to keep you cool on race day.

The Marathoner

Expert runners, we mean the ones who run 100’s of miles for fun, need the most lightweight and breathable material when it comes to the apparel they wear. The last thing you want is apparel that flaps in the wind or rubs against your body repeatedly and keeps you from running at your best. We like to say “cotton is rotten” in the running world, and you should avoid cotton running clothing at all costs. Opting for more breathable fabrics such as polyester, Nylon, or Bamboo will help you stay on track. Brands like On and Janji have performance apparel that is top of the line and keeps your runs cool and dry time after time. 


Whatever the run or conditions, On has the right apparel for your run. Made for controlling temperatures and wicking away sweat, On’s assortment of T-shirts, tanks, leggings, and shorts were made for a high endurance run.


Inspired by places and people all over the world, Janji apparel was made for running anywhere and of any distance. Janji also gives 2% of the proceeds from all purchases to support clean water projects in the countries that inspire their collections so by purchasing their apparel, you are helping the community! With secured zip pockets and breathable materials, Janji apparel is perfect for your next marathon. 

Essential Add ons

An integral part of any runner’s outfit is the accessories to go along with it! To start, let’s talk socks. Feetures performance socks use special moisture-wicking fibers that are softer than your average sock. Feetures also has sock options that use the patented Targeted Compression technology found in all the company’s socks but adjust it to stabilize the plantar fascia and support the Achilles tendon. This tech gives wearers instant relief from arch and heel pain.Especially in the summer months, but even in the Winter, running hats like those from Top Knot or Sprints help wick away moisture from your head and don’t trap heat like your everyday hat. Made of light polyester fabrics and breathable mesh, a running hat needs to be added to your running wardrobe. Lastly, no run is complete without a pair of stylish shades. Goodr running sunglasses are not only trendy and colorful, but are also protective and won’t slip or bounce during your run.

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