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Although running gets a lot of attention regarding cardiovascular exercise, walking can be just as beneficial for heart health and overall wellness. When it comes to the best shoes for walking, of course, it is up to personal preference and is based on factors such as foot type, weight, height, etc., but here is a roundup of our top 10 best shoes for walking, no matter your need.


As mentioned above,  running shoes typically need to be replaced every 300-500 miles and wearing them on a daily basis while you are not running can make them wear down faster. Running shoes generally tend to be at a higher price point, so saving them just for running will also keep more money in your pocket in the long run.


Depending on personal preference, various degrees of cushioning can be “best” for walking. Since walking impacts your joints and bones less than running, lower-cushioned shoes can be great for walking, just as high-cushioned shoes can be.

consider the terrain

Where you are walking plays a large part in the type of shoe that will be best for you. For example, a trail shoe with more durability if you are mainly walking trails or hiking. If you are walking in your neighborhood, consider a neutral road-running shoe with cushioning.

think about support

It is important to consider the needed support for walking shoes. Like in running, stability in walking shoes is an important factor in choosing the right pair. If you look down at your feet and your ankles roll in, you may need a stability shoe that will help keep your ankle and feet in line.

prioritize fit over style

Though many people are drawn to the aesthetics of a shoe, when it comes to finding the right walking shoe, always let the fit be the deciding factor. The best walking shoe will give you a little room in the toe box and be comfortable around the heel.

top high-cushion picks

Something a lot of walkers look for is high cushion. Check out these high-cushioned picks.

#1: Hoka bondi

The Hoka Bondi, dubbed the ultra-cushioned game changer, is at the top of our top 10 best shoes for walking. The Hoka Bondi is now in its 8th version and is extremely plush and lightweight. This high-cushion shoe is excellent for the walker who wants a bit more bulk underfoot to keep you comfortable mile after mile.

#2: brooks glycerin

Now infused with soft nitrogen foam, the Brooks Glycerin is a top choice for walkers who want a sleek design and soft landings. The Brooks Glycerin 20 comes in a stealthfit version making it stylish and comfortable.

#3: asics nimbus

The cloud-like Nimbus is a tried and true neutral favorite that just got a serious upgrade. In the new Nimbus 25, FF Blast™ Plus cushioning and Asics new PureGEL™ technology combined to create a lighter and softer Nimbus than ever before. Due to its plushness and breathability, this shoe makes our list of the top 10 best shoes for walking.

#4: Diadora Vigore

The Diadora Vigore running shoes are made of air mesh nylon upper, made for keeping your feet cool mile after mile. The midsole compound and Blushield technology all over the foot area create an ultra cushioned, smooth ride.

#5: On cloudmonster

The super smooth Cloudmonster from On running is the brand’s max-cushioned trainer. Its extreme foam will keep your feet comfortable mile after mile, while the unique rocker shape will ensure that every step is responsive and energized no matter the pace.

top stability picks

If you typically wear a stability shoe, check out these top styles for walkers that will give you that extra support.

#6: Brooks Glycerin GTS

The Brooks Glycerin also comes in a GTS or “Go-To-Support” version, made for walkers needing more support with a stability shoe.

#7: asics kayano

The Asics Kayano has long been a favorite among runners who need a stability shoe, but it is also a great walking shoe. This lightweight, responsive shoe creates a stable walking experience while maintaining a plush underfoot feel.

#8: hoka arahi

If you are looking for a high-cushion stability shoe, the Hoka Arahi is the shoe for you. A plush tongue and breathable, lightweight upper keep you comfortable, while HOKA’s signature EVA foam cushion helps prevent the joints from aching.

#9: brooks adrenaline gts

Best for added support, soft landings, and comfort mile after mile, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is Brooks’ most loved stability model. Now smoother than ever, the Adrenaline GTS will keep you walking comfortably. Not to mention the colors offered are endless.

#10: On Cloudflyer

One of On Running’s only stability models, the Cloudflyer boasts an incredible step-in experience, plus premium comfort even at long distances. With bigger, dual-density CloudTec®, and more high-quality recycled materials than ever before, the Cloudflyer is a walker’s dream.

Walking and running are cardio exercises that increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Walking is a lesser-impact form of exercise than running but is just as beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Check out these shoes mentioned above and more at Fit2Run, and let us help you find your perfect fit for your next walk.

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