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The New Year is filled with hopes and aspirations to become a better you and achieve a healthier lifestyle. We are here to make sure that you find an achievable New Year’s resolution and stick to it! January 1st brings big dreams for a lot of us, and we are here to make sure that 2024 starts off on the right foot. Skip the procrastination this year and make 2024 your best running year yet. Check out this list of top resolutions for runners and ways to actually follow through with them. 

#1: Start Running Consistently

Let’s be honest, staying consistent with anything for a long period of time is tough, but consistency is what creates improvements and change so keeping to a consistent running schedule is a great resolution for a runner of any skill level. The first step to running more consistently is to find your motivation. Find what drives you and think about that every time you step out for a run. Don’t be defeated if each day your run feels a little different, start slow and just get your body moving! With running consistently comes setting a pace that allows you to stay consistent and one that you can maintain every time you run. Don’t get caught up with how fast you are going, just set a comfortable pace and stick to it. This will help running consistently be more achievable.

#2: Create Some Variety (Venture Out!)

Speaking of consistency, many runners run the same routes and do the same running workouts time after time. This year, we challenge you to venture out! Go on a trail run or find a unique new workout that will create some variance in your run routine. If  you’re normally a track or treadmill runner, take it to the roads and find some hills to add variance. Maybe try running intervals or go on a tempo run, whatever you need to do to change it up and keep it interesting.  Check out our list of Top Florida Running Routes if you happen to reside in the Sunshine State!

#3: Stay Accountable

Not being held accountable is one of the biggest reasons that our new year’s resolutions blunder. Find an accountability partner, app, or other way to hold yourself accountable with your running routine. Having someone or something that is constantly reminding and supporting you will help keep you running on track. With social media,  it is easier than ever to find groups and other runners to keep you accountable, even if they aren’t  physically  running with you. Another way to stay accountable without the use of another person is to literally schedule your run into your day whether that be through penciling it in  on your agenda or putting it on your phone calendar, having a dedicated time slot to running will help you prioritize it just as you would any other important meeting or commitment.

#4: Push Your Pace

If you are a skilled runner, take the new year rolling around as a time to push your pace! We often get comfortable at a pace and float through the motions of running, but in order to progress, you have to challenge yourself.  Try to beat your pace by whatever margin is attainable for you. Some ways  to  increase your endurance  and as a result, your speed is  to do different types of workouts like tempo training, interval training, and hill training. If you need some guidance on what to do to push your pace, check out our blog of Expert Tips on How To Increase Your Running Pace!

#5 Run a New Race (Or your first!)

If you are an avid runner, races may be a common occurrence for you, but it’s time to branch out and find a new, unique race in your area to spice up your running. If you have never ran a race before, there is no better time than the start of the new year! Signing up for a future race will not only motivate you but will help you set a training plan and goal. If you need  some guidance on  what to even expect on race day and how to prepare for your first  race, be sure to  check out our blog The Complete 5K Training Plan for Beginners.  Plus, if you live in Florida, check out our race calendar and register for your next (or first) race!

#6: Stretch Every Day

Stretching: something most runners would rather skip. Stretching every day can seem a bit excessive but we are here to tell you that it is necessary. Stretching not only lengthens your muscles and joints preventing running injuries but also helps reduce soreness especially for the runner who is consistent in their training. Since the majority of work required for running comes from the lower body, do stretches  that  target your legs, hips, and lower back before anything else. Lunges, seated or standing hamstring stretches, and heel lifts are just a few exercises good for stretching these areas. Make it a goal to stretch your muscles everyday, your body will thank you!

#7 Join a Run Club/Group

For many, running is a solo sport, but running with a run club or group will not only keep you consistent and hold you accountable, but will give you an opportunity to build a community and meet people who share the same passion. Running with a group of people will motivate you to never miss a run because well, people will know if you don’t show! It will also  push you to become a better runner because running is more fun together and a little friendly competition never hurts. If you are looking for a run club to join, check out F2R Run Club which has weekly meetups at select store locations, or can be run virtually from anywhere!

#8 Increase Your Mileage

Run farther. If you have been running for a while, try to increase your mileage weekly. A good rule of thumb is the 10% rule. Take the mileage you ran the previous week and increase it by 10% each week. This will help you gradually increase your mileage at a reasonable rate.Although this 10% rule is not the best way to increase mileage for every runner, it will help you gauge how to gradually push yourself to go farther. Find your mileage “sweet spot” or the amount of miles where you know you feel comfortable then push past it!

No matter what achievable new year’s running resolution you are setting for yourself this year, just make sure to stick with it and keep on running! Looking for some great gear to get you going down the right path this new year? Check out our new footwear arrivals and find your perfect fit!

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