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For many runners across the world, the launch of the On Cloudflyer a few years ago was a complete game changer. With more enhancements in their technologies, On gave this runner’s favorite stability shoe a serious update. The Cloudflyer 4offers supreme cushioning and premium comfort, including On’s plushest ever tongue. With bigger, dual-density CloudTec®, and more high-quality recycled materials than ever before, you can take your run to a whole new level. It’s time to run beyond hurt, run beyond doubt, and run beyond all limits. Check out why we think the Cloudflyer 4 will be your new favorite shoe. 


The On Cloudflyer 4 is best utilized for road running and daily training. This shoe is especially good for any runner who enjoys longer distances or any person who may be working on their feet all day. The Cloudflyer 4 provides an extra support and a firm platform, making it the perfect shoe for HIIT workouts and cross training. It also offers a wider platform for those who need more stability, making it the perfect choice for runners who have higher arches and overpronate. 


Unique CloudTec cushioning

Helion™ superfoam

Contains 90-95% recycled polyester, with a total recycled content of 35-40%

On’s plushest tongue ever


Possibly the most outstanding feature of the On Cloudflyer 4  is the tongue, On has designed their plushest tongue ever. This updated feature provides runners with extra protection, more stability, and more support with every step you take. With the absence of heavy materials, this shoe is even more lightweight and breathable.


The midsole of this shoe features On’s signature Helion™ superfoam also seen in the runner’s favorite Cloudswift, for responsiveness and ideal comfort. The purpose of Cloudtec® is to provide ultimate cushioning that adapts to your running habits. It delivers a soft landing followed by an explosive takeoff, making a more lightweight feel to each stride you take.


The Cloudflyer 4 has a zero gravity foam that creates supreme cushioning and durability. Its outsole also features low abrasion rubber pads which provide endurance at impact zones. The Cloudflyer 4 also has full length foot flexibility, allowing full adaptation when running, working out, or walking. Speedboard is directly attached to the outsole for lightweight stability, with a firm construction to help reduce overpronation by advancing the gait cycle swiftly.


The On Cloudflyer 4 provides next level comfort, endurance, and stability. No matter if you are going on a long run or working on your feet all day, the Cloudflyer 4 will deliver. Try out the On Cloudflyer 4 for yourself by visiting your nearest Fit2Run retail location or by shopping online at!

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