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THE hoka kawanA

Say hello to the newest shoe in Hoka’s lineup. A style that is more inclusive in functionality and design, the Hoka Kawana is sure to be your new favorite trainer if you favor versatility and a firm but cushioned ride. The Hoka Kawana is a “hybrid trainer” and is in the same category with On’s Cloud X and Saucony’s Ride 14.

Keep reading to find out why you need the Hoka Kawana on your shoe rack.


Recyclable jacquard mesh upper

SwallowTail Heel Design

New and firmer CMEVA foam

Early stage meta rocker 

True cross-training shoe

Lower stack height (less underfoot cushion) than Hoka Bondi but higher stack(more underfoot cushion) height than Hoka Clifton


The top of the Hoka Kawana is composed of the recycled engineered jacquard material that is common in many Hoka models and is flexible yet firm to control foot movement. The “snuggness” of the upper in this particular shoe reduces the chances that you will put a strain on the achilles and decreases the risk of injury. The Kawana is intricately designed with mesh and pops of color to make the shoe very stylish. Attributing to this sleekness is the soft and padded gusseted tongue. This tongue is attached to the shoe on both sides so it nicely forms around the foot and helps control movement while running. Lastly, the toe box on the Kawana is rounded and provides a tad more “wiggle-room” for the toes allowing the forefoot to be able to flex. This larger toe box will make this shoe comfortable for all runners.


Found in the midsole is a new foam from Hoka called: Compression Molded EVA Foam. This foam is different from the EVA found in the outsole, in that it is firmer and not marshmallowy soft like say the cushion in the Hoka Bondi. Although firm in nature, this foam is described as lively and responsive. Possibly the most distinctive feature of the Kawana is the swallowtail heel located on the back of the shoe. This feature may seem familiar if you have ever ran in the Hoka Clifton or Clifton Edge. This feature benefits heel strikers and lightens the impact by creating a semi-custom crash pad. If you are not a heel striker, this feature will simply be a nice accessory to the shoe but you will likely never feel it when running. The swallowtail heel reduces heaviness without sacrificing the run. Lastly, the Kawana has an early stage meta rocker which is like a rocking chair in that it guides the foot  through the run. It promotes an efficient, smooth roll from initial impact to toe-off. The Kawana also has a lower stack height which is new for Hoka, a generally tall shoe.


The bottom of the Hoka Kawana is wide as is standard for Hoka but has strategically placed durable rubber to keep you running mile after mile. The outsole uses the rubberized EVA foam to create a balanced and stable feel without adding too much weight. 

Soft. Smooth. Bliss. Earning its moniker from the Gold Coast’s famous beach break, the Kawana continues to push the boundaries of HOKA foams and geometries. Try out a pair for yourself by stopping by your nearest Fit2Run retail location or shop online at!

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