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Running as a sport is pretty simple as it does not require any significant equipment to participate. Needing a great pair of running shoes for running is pretty obvious, but did you ever consider the other things you might need to become a better runner? Check out some of the essential products you need in your Runner Tool Kit.


Every runner has a preference when it comes to apparel fit, styles and colors, and nowadays, there’s something out there for everyone. But, when it comes to the perfect running apparel, it’s all about the details. Things like the materials, convenient pockets and the fit of straps can all affect your running in several ways. Whether you prefer to run in long pants, shorts, short sleeves, or anything in between, you should feel so comfortable you almost forget what you have on. So, when looking for your next workout outfit, look at all the details on and off the hanger.

  • Moisture-wicking materials– Comfort is key in what you wear during a run, but having the proper attire will make the biggest difference in your running. Key elements to look out for in running apparel are the material and fit of the clothing. Mositure-wicking material or “Dri-fit” as Nike has dubbed it, has been a game changer in running. Developed to help dry moisture, like sweat, this material does not cling to your body and will help keep you cooler on your runs. Style-wise, the sky’s the limit in running apparel, but it’s important to consider the fit first. Your apparel should fit you comfortably. If it is too tight or too loose, you won’t be able to concentrate on your run. 
  • Running bra– If you’re a female runner, you know having a supportive running bra is a must. Running is a high-impact sport; therefore, the bra used must provide much higher support than your daily bra. Since their debut in the running world, sports bras have come a long way through the years, and we now have various styles, models and sizes readily available to every runner. But Brooks Running took this concept one step further by creating a line of “Run Bras”, uniquely and specifically made for running women by running women. Integrating key details from women’s input like front adjusting straps, no seam edges as well as support that is also feminine, Brooks has created a line of bras that is fit for every woman with sizes ranging from 32A- 40E.


Accessories are the extras we learn about along the way of our running journey that will help you go further. Things that will make your running more enjoyable, easier and even make you a better runner because of it. Running-specific accessories made just for runners, whether training miles or in between runs, will become a staple in your Running Tool Kit forever.

  • Hydration bottles– Unsurprisingly, hydration is a significant key factor for running. And while we all generally know to hydrate before and after a run, did you consider the importance of hydrating while you run too? Hydrating during a run is necessary to keep your muscles in motion and keep you running, especially during long runs or hot days. Nathan is one of our favorite accessories brands with many hydration-aiding accessories for runners. Things like handheld water bottles and varying-size hydration vests are all products that will help keep you hydrated. 
  • Running socks– The unsung hero of the running world. Socks and shoes go hand in hand. While socks are not something we think much of when slipping on our daily shoes, as a runner, you should consider some options that can help you become a better runner. Running-specific socks, like Feetures, are made of moisture-wicking material that helps keep your feet dry and will help avoid blisters. Feetures Elite socks even come with specific Right and Left markings to fit perfectly to your feet. Also available in various degrees of cushioning to give runners options to create the perfect combination of shoes and socks to keep you going for all your miles ahead. 


Nutrition is an essential part of a Runner’s Tool Kit. Proper nutrition helps with your specific training needs and supports your general health. Many different runner nutrition options are available, and every runner has specific needs and preferences. Still, we’re here to share some of our basic favorites to remember when building your running essentials.

  • Electrolytes– During activities like running, we tend to sweat more than average and lose the nutrients necessary to keep our bodies in movement and healthy. Electrolytes help your body replenish the fluids back into your muscles to help avoid dehydration. One of our favorite electrolyte supplements is Nuun, a hydration drink tablet you add to water. Packed with electrolytes, and other nutrients like calcium carbonate and potassium, this is an excellent supplement for before, during and after any run. Plus, its convenient packaging makes it easy to travel with and store at home.  
  • Gels and Chews– Once you add mileage to your run routine or training for any event, nutrition gels and chews are necessary. These runner favorites are packed with nutrients essential to keep your body running (literally and figuratively). You want to be on the lookout for what the nutrition will provide; things like amino acids will help restore normal muscle tearing that can occur while running. There is no specific benefit in choosing gels vs chews. It all comes down to runner preference. Some runners choose gels from brands like GU for the convenience of the packaging, while others prefer the chews from Honey Stinger because they consider it easier to consume on the run. Whatever type you choose, remember that when it comes to running nutrition, it is all about what works for your body.

We all have unique styles and preferences, especially when it comes to running. But we can all agree some things are must-haves to make your running the most enjoyable. First and foremost will be the perfect fit running shoes, and after that will be the extras in our Runner’s Tool Kit. While it may look slightly different for every runner, depending on personal preference, these essential items are always necessary for any runner.

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