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“Roses are red, violets are blue, those would be nice, but can I have some running shoes please?” Most people like receiving flowers for Valentines day but runners, we’re not most people. We actually enjoy getting sweaty, pushing the limits and we run for fun! So, while roses would be nice, what we really want is some new running gear! At Fit2Run we’ve gathered all our experts and made a list of the top 10 gifts every runner would love this Valentine’s Day ❤️.


What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate right? But of course we have the runner version of this favorite treat. GU energy gels help energize your run and delay bonking by delivering the right amounts of electrolytes, carbohydrates (and sometimes caffeine) your body needs to keep on running. 


From a romantic stroll at the park to a couples workout class the ON Cloud is the perfect performance shoe to take you from one activity to the next in a smooth transition. Perform all day, every day with this lightweight shoe that’s Never Not On. Bonus points if you get matching shoes with your special runner so no one feels left out. 


Show your feet some love and feel all the gOOd feels. Oofos revolutionary tech absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear making it the perfect post run shoe to help recovery. Great comfort for everyday wear that will have you saying “Oooo….ahhhh”.


Show your heart some love, and monitor important health factors like heart rate, stress level, Body Battery and more to make sure you stay in tip top shape. This multi sport watch has over 20 preloaded indoor and outdoor sports apps so it’s also perfect for your active days no matter what activity you choose. Plus you never miss a call or text from a loved one with smart notifications delivered right to your wrist!  


A gift so  good you may keep it for yourself! The Therabody percussive therapy device is the embodiment of premium, effective and elevated muscle massage therapy. Connect your device via bluetooth to the Therabody app and help your muscles relax with a customized wellness routine to target the exact muscle group that needs the most love. You may already have a great workout partner but you don’t have a wellness partner like this.


Time flies when you’re in love and so will your miles with the HOKA Carbon X2! Designed for runners and made to help all athletes break their own records. Engineered with a more breathable and lightweight upper material and a responsive carbon fiber plate to add propulsion for an efficient and smooth stride over many miles. This shoe will take you from fast training to fast racing, a feeling we can promise you will immediately fall in love with.


All the things you love about activewear taken to the next level with high-tech, moisture wicking, highly breathable and fast drying fabrics. Designed to be extremely light with details like taped seams so it feels like you’re wearing nothing but you’re protected from everything. Plus a cool modern style that everyone will love, do we need to say more? Or can you tell we’re in love too


Sometimes in life and love you must compromise, but now you don’t need to with your running music. Aftershokz headphones feature bone conduction technology that allows for high-quality sounds and situational awareness so you can hear your music while still being aware of your surroundings. Plus its comfortable light, design made to move with you through any weather that you might even forget you have them on.


Ghosting is never something we want to experience, unless we’re talking of the latest in one of runner’s all time favorite shoes, the Ghost 13 of course! Offering the smoothest ride yet with super soft DNA LOFT cushioning ensuring every step on the track or on the gym floor feels soft and buttery smooth. Through hard workouts, running miles or every day wear you can be comforted that these shoes won’t disappoint. 


Every runner knows their relationship with running is mostly love, but sometimes we all have to admit to that love/hate relationship. That’s where Pep&BB comes in! Share your love (or love/hate!) for the running life with super soft and comfy tees, tanks and sweatshirts. Because as a runner, running is always on our mind, if you’re not currently running you’re probably thinking and talking about running. 

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