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With our nation’s doctors and nurses working countless hours to help heal and save patients suffering from COVID-19, the Fit2Run team was looking for ways to give back and thank our front-line heroes.

A message from Florida resident, Sylvie, a nurse who traveled to the epicenter of the U.S. to battle with COVID-19 in Queens, New York, gave us an idea. A Fit2Run customer ordered her a pair of Brooks running shoes from Fit2Run to show their gratitude for her hard work, and ensure she had comfortable shoes for her long days. Touched by the gesture, Parks Robinson, the owner of Fit2Run, gathered his team to create a charitable initiative to get new shoes to healthcare workers in the war against COVID-19.

Fit2Run is sending shoes to Sylvie’s coworkers at Long Island Jewish medical center. These nurses have been working full-time fighting against the COVID-19 crisis. They are spending long hours on their feet, and need to change their shoes before they go home each evening. Shoes may seem like a small gesture, but as we and our customers know, shoes can make a big difference to tired feet. Fit2Run would like to continue to send shoes to health care workers on the front lines of this crisis, to do our part in supporting them.

Brooks Ghost 12 delivered to NYC to support Sylvie in her fight against COVID-19.

“One thing this pandemic has showed me, is how united we are as a community. I know, with the help of the Fit2Run family, we can donate more pairs of shoes. To offer these doctors and nurses comfort in a time of crisis, when they are working endless hours on their feet, it is the least we can do. These people are giving up everything to be on the front lines of this battle and they are real American heroes.” 

“I didn’t know how to help at first, but the video from Sylvie reminded me that sometimes it is the little things, like a new pair of comfortable shoes, can really make a difference.”

– A widely agreed upon sentiment from Fit2Run owner, Parks Robinson. 

The Fit2Run Family wants to take care of our health care heroes on the front lines of COVID-19. With your donations, we can provide comfortable shoes to more doctors and nurses fighting for our health and safety. The running community understands what a difference shoes can make, and we can all make a bigger difference when we work together.

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