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Whatever your reason behind starting to run, Fit2Run and the running community welcome you and are here to support you every step of the way! Some of the most common reasons people start running are the physical benefits of running, inspiration from peers, and their love of new hobbies, especially outdoor ones. While making the decision to start running is easy enough, actually getting started and feeling comfortable with running can be a bit more complicated. So we’ve compiled a list of some tips and tricks for new runners to get you started into your unique running journey with confidence. 


Having the proper gear is key. There are hundreds of shoe options to choose from these days and while they might all be great, they are not always great for your unique needs. Every runner is different, your running needs and goals are as unique as your feet so finding the right one for you specifically is the best way to start. You can visit any one of our Fit2Run locations to talk to our Fit Experts who will guide you through our Fit Process where we scan your feet and observe your gait to analyze your running style in order to recommend the best shoe for your specific running goals and personal needs. 


It’s easy to get discouraged when you see others running faster, or longer distances and hear them saying things like “I’m just going for a quick 6 mile run” when you are just starting to work your way up to your first 5K. Use that as motivation and remember we all have to start somewhere. No one wakes up one day and is able to perfectly run long distances. With some time and dedication you too are capable of reaching those challenges that seem almost impossible now. And remember the biggest competitor in running is not other runners but yourself.


When beginning make sure to start with some smaller challenges and work your way up to bigger goals. Start with something that is feasible but still challenging. Some ideas for a smaller goal to start can be as simple as getting out the door for a run 3 times a week or maybe running 1 mile without stopping. Later on once you feel confident in those you can add a bit of difficulty, like adding an extra day of running in the week or running just one more block after that first mile. Even if the ultimate goal is a big one, like running a full marathon, start with the small things and work your way up.   


Your running journey is your own and your goals are as unique as you are. Maybe you like to run on trails or prefer the treadmill. Perhaps you’d rather keep track of your running by time rather than distance. But how do you keep track of all your activities, and how do they add to your ultimate goals? Try using running tools available to support your various activities, like a good Garmin watch. Garmin watches are made specifically for the active lifestyle using the most advanced technology keeping your activity progress accurate and personalized to your preferences. Various Garmin models can help keep track of your running pace, include key health and heart monitoring, and even suggest your next workout. With add on options of other specific sports data like indoor bike, trail running, and walking you can personalize your Garmin to one or all the activities you prefer. The best way to find out what works best for you is by trying it out and Garmin can help you keep track. If you are looking to find your Garmin Fit, check out our blog and find the perfect watch for you!


While the actual sport of running is something you mostly do on your own, having a team or community to help motivate and cheer you on is a huge help in any running journey. Local or virtual running groups usually consist of runners in a variety of levels which is a great source of help if you were to have questions or need some advice from fellow runners. At Fit2Run we have the F2R Run Club both in person at select Fit2Run locations as well as virtually where you can join for free and be part of a fun group run every week. Having a consistent weekly meet up not only helps with your accountability for running but gives you a great place to find encouragement, meet local runners and stay in the know with upcoming running events and activities. Check out more details on the and join the F2R Run Club!  

One of our favorite things about running is that it is so versatile, there’s no one right way to run. There are distance runners who prefer running long distances, speed runners who like to run fast, there are trail runners who prefer to go running through a natural trail and we love that everyone is part of the running community. At Fit2Run we believe everyone is a runner no matter what, if you put on some running shoes, get up and out for a run you are a runner. Whether you are starting running for the first time ever or getting back into it you can find everything you need and some running friends with Fit2Run. 

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