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Originally catering to hikers, Diadora has come a long way in the running sphere since its inception in 1948. The Italian-born brand is making an entrance into the world of running one style at a time and you can now find Diadora running shoes at Fit2Run! Currently, Diadora footwear is only available at running specilaity stores like Fit2Run so be sure to stop by or shop online to find your fit! Keep reading for more about Diadora and why they are making waves in the running community.



Diadora was founded in Caerano di San Marco, Italy which today is a leading area globally for footwear manufacturing.


A line of sports footwear or leisure was added to Diadora’s product offerings.


Diadora was one of the first companies to capitalize on using famous athletes to not only sell their products but cultivate a performance dream.


Tennis becomes a key sport for Diadora as they bring the first shoes with a leather upper instead of a fabric upper to the market.


Diadora begins developing new footwear for other sports such as running and athletics.


Diadora develops footwear with nylon soles of different hardnesses and adjustable pedal cleats for cyclists.


The year of the Seoul Olympics, Diadora was increasingly involved in athletics. Marathon runner, Gelindo Bordin won the Olympic race and made history.


Diadora Research Centre was established and was home to an innovative team of footwear technicians, doctors specializing in orthopedics, and more.


Diadora skyrockets in the eyes of consumers after the American World Cup.


Historic in-house production line repones after 15 years of inactivity marking the beginning of Diadora’s journey towards a more sustainable business.


Diadora re-launches in the US with a focus on running and running speciality retailers,  like Fit2Run.

Made in Italy:

Diadora recently launched the Equipe Atomo, the first performance running shoe made in Italy in the last 30 years. The Atomo is light, reactive, and super smooth. All processes from development to engineering to production were done in Italy, the home of Diadora for nearly 75 years. The Atomo unites the brands premium sports focus with advanced scientific research, making it a force to be reckoned with in the running shoe industry. This lightweight, neutral, cushioned trainer is great for all levels of runners and walkers alike. 

Accompanying this new shoe for Diadora is their “Postcards from Italy” campaign. This campaign celebrates the brand’s Italian heritage and authenticity. The campaign is made up of a series of photos featuring the beautiful landscape of multiple Italian cities and regions including Livorno, Treviso, and Tuscany. This campaign’s ultimate goal is to show the authenticity of the brand and showcases the landscape on which runners use for every run.

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