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Your new favorite BRA

Let’s talk runner essentials! It goes without saying that a good pair of running shoes is key for every runner of any distance. But for women runners there’s another very important must, a supportive bra. The sports bra has gone through many changes, modifications and upgrades since it’s beginning in 1977 when three friends put together a couple of jock straps to create what they named the JogBra.

Since then, the sports bra has hit the ground running and emerged a countless number of styles and colors, but still women were finding themselves in need for a better bra specifically for running. That’s where Brooks comes in! After speaking with more than 1,400 women runners through focus groups, bra summits and many many hours of research with testers across the country, Brooks has taken the bra game to a whole new level and created the Run Bra. Developing a variety of bra styles for every runner’s needs Brooks is ensuring there is a perfect fit run bra for every runner.

Brooks Run Bras are designed specifically for the high-impact nature of running to hold you in without holding you back. After years of research Brooks has now developed two collections of Run Bras to give every runner exactly what she is looking for. The Dare Collection and the Drive Collection, available in sizes ranging from XS-XXL as well as band and cup specific sizing ensuring there is a perfect fit for every sized runner. Just like helping you find the perfect fit running shoes we want to help you find the perfect Run Bra.

Check out latest Brooks Run Bra styles now available at Fit2Run:

Dare Collection

Running bras with a sleek, modern aesthetic and a soft, protective feel in a style that hold you in with run-ready support. Dare collection features built in molded cups, nearly seamless designs to reduce digging and chaffing, plus streamlined shaping in supportive and molded cups for visible shape and smooth silhouette.


This bra is perfect for the runner looking for the most support while still feeling sleek and comfortable on the run. The lingerie like style cups with underwire support and hidden sleek bottom band reinforces the supportive experience under the cup while it lifts and separates breast tissue. The cross back straps with J-hooks offer you the option to convert to a scoop back style with ease. This overall seamless and sleek style bra disappears under your clothes like a second skin.

  • Underwire & Molded Support 
  • Breathable Perforation 
  • Adjustable Back Closure


The Crisscross bra is the perfect bra for the runner looking for a more simple yet moldable and breathable option in a sleek less bulky design. The interior cups are designed to mold to the shape of your body in comfort and not sit away from your chest. Details like the stabilizing straps in an intricate fun pattern make sure the bra stays in place, and perforations located in the back and front of the bra to help move sweat and moisture throughout, adding style to the practicality of a great run bra.

  • Nearly Seamless Design 
  • Integrated Bottom Band
  • Run Ready Molded Support


This is the perfect bra for the runner looking for a classic look with upgraded features. The Crossback bra combines sleek, streamlined style with the run-ready support of built-in molded cups that lift you up and hold you in. The flex back wrap gives you a comfortable hug sensation that ensures your worry free comfort while running.

  • Streamlined Silhouette 
  • Added Ventilation
  •  DriLayer® HorsePower Fabric


The perfect bra for the runner looking for a personalized fit both in front and in the back. Adjustable hook close in the back and front adjustability straps ensure you get that perfect fir for your personal needs in every direction. A unicup interior with perforated cups and mesh panels allow for easy airflow for breathability and quick dry anytime. Plus a traditional bottom band ensures smooth shaping whether you wear it on it’s own or under any top.

  • Perforated Unicup 
  • Front-Adjustable Straps
  • Bonded Seams for Comfort

Zip Front

If you’re looking to skip that on/off struggle that comes with traditional sports bras, look no further, the Zip Front bra is the bra you need. The front close zipper is combined with an extra interior J-hook to ensure security while in motion and helps avoid wardrobe malfunctions. The internal molded cups and the cross back design provide a flexible feel and hold throughout.  The hidden bottom band along with a free cut construction, with no seams, help support you and avoid chafing as well as any added distractions so you can concentrate on your run.

  •  Zip-front closure with Inner J-hook 
  • Built-In Molded Cups
  • Hidden Bottom Band 


Not all run bras are racerbacks. This scoopback bra delivers run-ready support with built-in, molded cups, while adjustable straps and rear closure fine-tune your fit. New features like the hook and ladder strap adjustability helps straps stay in place and adjust easily. Featuring built-in molded unicups that encapsulate the breast for motion reduction, this bra was made for movement.

  •  Hook and ladder strap adjustability
  • Built-In Molded Cups
  • Back hook and eye closure for better fit


The all new collection of Run Bras inspired by the energy and motivation it takes to chase down your goals day after day. Run-ready compression support and style that moves with you. Drive collection features lightweight coverage options to adapt to your comfort and padding preferences in a range of athletic styles with distinctive features to empower your approach to every run with confidence.

3 Pocket

Inspired by the runner looking for easy storage on the run. The razor back design provides sleek storage for all your needs with no added bulk. One smartphone sized pocket is integrated into the razor back design, plus two additional small pockets located by the underarm area perfect to store smaller items like a credit card or runner gel you can reach for with ease. This style also gives you the option of a little extra padding by having removable cups secured in place by the envelope pockets for comfort and ease when removing and reinserting cups.

  • 3 Pocket Storage 
  • Removable Cups
  • Bonded Seams for Comfort


This bra is perfect for the runner who wants the most compressive support and also wants options. Go from a razor back style to an easy on- off scoop back in no time with a J-hook detail integrated in the easy adjustable straps. The subtle molding in the bra cups gives you that hug like support and a brush bottom band and bonded trim edges gives you that soft comfortable feeling wrapped around the rib cage to ensure there is no rubbing or chaffing while you run. 

  • Adjustable Straps for Scoopback or Racerback 
  • Easy on/off with Adjustable Back Closure
  • Brushed Bottom Band that moves with you. 


Get a perfect blend of high-impact support and breathability thanks to a compressive yet comfortable fit plus strategically-placed mesh inserts in front and strappy style in the back. With a vbold aesthetic, this bra is made for a runner on the move.

  • Run Ready Compression 
  • Quick-drying DriLayer® Fabric
  • Shock-Absorbing Technology

Bra fitting 101:

When it comes to bras for running, not just any sports bra will do. Brooks created Run Bras specifically designed for women and engineered to the way your body moves. Brooks run bras deliver high impact support and a comfortable fit. Run bras are great but you have to know how to find the perfect size for you. If you can’t make it into a Fit2Run location to be fitted, follow these tips and tricks to find your perfect fit. 

Figuring out your bra size

The first step to getting the perfect fitting run bra is to know your size. Bra fitting doesn’t have to be daunting and you can actually do it yourself very easily! First, you will need to grab a tape measure and make sure you are wearing a bra that is low impact and promotes your true shape. When fitting for a bra you will need to determine both your band size and cup size in order to find your run bra size.

Measuring the band size

To measure your band size, position the tape measure around your rib cage and right where the bottom band of your normal bra would fit. Measure the circumference and write down the number that is associated. The tape measure should be comfortably snug, round up if in between numbers. 

Finding your cup size

After you figure out your band size, it is time to find the cup size. Position the tape measure from behind your back and around the fullest part of your boobs. Record this number and again, round up if between measurements. Once this is done all it takes is some simple math to find your cup size. Simply subtract the band size measurement from the cup size measurement. The difference between these two measurements determines your letter cup size. For example if it’s a 1 inch difference you are probably an A cup, 2 inch difference, a B cup, 3 inch difference, a C cup, and so on. 

“Our bodies were built to run. Your bra should be too”

Don’t settle for just any bra, find the perfect fit for you and your running needs at Fit2Run!

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