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Brooks Glycerin 20: Nitrogen-Infused Cushion

Brooks’ signature cushion running shoe is back! The Brooks Glycerin 20 and Glycerin GTS 20 may not have huge aesthetic changes, but they are here to make an impression when it comes to performance. Find out if you need the Brooks Glycerin 20 or Glycerin GTS 20 by reading more!


First things first, let’s talk tech. The Glycerin 20 has some notable improvements from the previous model. Most notably, the Glycerin 20 has Brooks’ new Nitrogen-infused DNA Loft V3 foam that Brooks released last year with the Aurora BL racing shoe. This super springy and responsive foam sticks to the Glycerin’s monaker of being the most cushioned Brooks’ running shoe option but takes more weight off of the shoe because of the lighter material.

What is Nitrogen-infused DNA Loft V3 Cushioning?

First things first, what is DNA LOFT? DNA LOFT is Brooks’ soft midsole cushioning made up of a mixture of foam, rubber, and air. DNA LOFT v2 is made up of slightly lighter foams and offers a springier underfoot feel. DNA LOFT v3 which is present in the Glycerin 20, is Brooks’ most recent cushion innovation and is the signature DNA LOFT foam infused with Nitrogen! Nitrogen infusion may be new to the world of running but it is not new to the world as a whole. For example, you might see Nitrogen infused coffee at your local coffee shop. Brooks wanted to provide runners with a resilient ride without compromising the weight or durability of the shoe. The infused Nitrogen makes the Glycerin 20 the lightest and most responsive version yet.

Which Glycerin is right for you?


The Glycerin 20 is Brooks’ tried and true cushioned shoe made for neutral runners. This road running shoe is great for a runner who wants a lightweight and responsive underfoot feel and is putting in some miles! 


Just as the previous version, the Glycerin 20 comes in a stability option as well. The Glycerin GTS 20 or “Go-To-Support” was made for runners who need a little extra support under foot. The GTS series of running shoes for Brooks offers premium stability in the neutral styles that all runners love! The GTS line has Guiderails technology that keeps the foot more stable for the runners that need it. If you typically wear stability footwear, then the Glycerin GTS 20 is for you!


Aside from the option of GTS, the Glycerin 20 comes in a Stealthfit version. The Stealthfit refers to the sleek, sock-like upper of the shoe. The new StealthFit construction introduces an adaptable, closer fit with stretch and compression to move with the foot. This style also introduces external laces so they will not touch or bother the foot. This breathable upper provides not only a sleek look but a comfortable ride mile after mile. Available in GTS and regular versions!

Find your Glycerin fit!

Not sure which Glycerin is right for you? Stop by your nearest Fit2Run location and let one of our Fit Experts walk you through the Fit Process! No matter your running shoe need, Fit2Run can help you find your perfect fit.

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