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Birkenstock For Running Recovery: Now At Fit2Run

Family-owned with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Birkenstock has been a favorite among all since its inception almost 250 years ago. You might be thinking, okay but what do Birkenstocks have to do with running? In recent years, Birkenstock has entered its way into the recovery footwear sector of running footwear, and Fit2Run is proud to now carry Birkenstock.

Keep reading to find out why you need Birkenstocks on your shoe rack.

What makes Birkenstock unique?

All Birkenstock shoe models are made from natural cork. This cork foundation provides a perfect balance of firm support and shock absorption making it a great shoe for rest days or everyday wear. Being that Birkenstock footwear is made out of cork, the footbed of the shoe actually forms to your foot, creating a unique and soft feel underfoot wear after wear. Not to mention, the suede lining of the shoe will help with moisture control and keeping a cool underfoot temperature. Birkenstocks are described as “Active Recovery Footwear” meaning that while traditional “recovery” footwear relies on added cushioning and a passive approach. Active recovery footwear is based on firm stable support designed to instigate the body’s adaptive response after running, help promote muscular benefits and reduce proneness to injury.

Here are our top reasons you need to add a lifestyle shoe like Birkenstocks to your collection:

Why should runners get a pair?

To fully make their entrance into the world of running, Birkenstock released a new line of classic styles with EVA foam which is common in almost all running footwear and familiar to runners. Birkenstock distinguishes itself in this space by being firmer and lighter on cushion than traditional recovery footwear, making them a new concept for runners. The stiffness of these shoes has also been proven to provide enhanced arch support and relief to sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis. 



The legendary two-strap design from Birkenstock – the Arizona. Modeled on the cork original, this sandal is made from ultra-lightweight and highly flexible EVA. These sandals are shock-absorbing, waterproof, and skin-friendly. Wear them at the beach, in the garden, or around the gym and after workouts. It’s the perfect addition to your classic BIRKENSTOCK sandals.


The Milano guarantees maximum grip and gives the feet stability during all activities. This is thanks to the slightly more compact upper with two straps and the wide ankle strap. With its additional foam layer, the soft footbed offers extra comfort and pampers feet – all day long. The upper is made from high-quality, soft natural leather.


The Franca is an elegant model designed with slim, stylish crisscrossed straps. Featuring an impressive combination of design and wearability for all-day comfort. The upper is made from extra-thick, oiled nubuck leather.


The Barbados is a sporty slide design with an embossed upper and logo lettering. Modeled on the cork sandal, this sandal is made from one piece of light, flexible and waterproof molded EVA.


The Mayari thong sandal is a modern model with a toe loop. The impressive combination of design and wearability will see fashion-conscious men and women through the day with elegance and comfort. The upper is made from extra-thick, oiled nubuck leather with an open-selvedge finish.

Find Birkenstock at these Fit2Run locations

Birkenstock is now available at the following Fit2Run locations: Palm Beach Gardens Mall, Tampa International Plaza, Coastland Mall, and Disney Springs. Stop by or shop online to find your perfect Birkenstock fit!

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