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The GEL-NIMBUS from ASICS is one of their most loved styles by all runners. Since its inception in 1999, the GEL-NIMBUS continues to be a cloud-like legend among all ASICS styles. Now on its 24th version, the GEL-NIMBUS is better and lighter than ever. Check out some of the updates that make the Nimbus 24 a force to be reckoned with.


10g lighter than previous model

New and improved trusstic system for smoother ride

Incorporation of Flyte Foam Blast +

New full knit gusseted tongue

Improved 3D Space Construction improving structure/flexibility of the shoe


The most significant change to the upper from the previous model  is the fully knit gusseted tongue. A gusseted tongue means that instead of the tongue being a separate piece of fabric kind of just  floating and only attached  to the upper at the bottom, the tongue is directly attached to the upper along the opening where the laces are.  A gusseted tongue allows the shoe to wrap securely around your  foot and give you an almost customized ride. While a gusseted  tongue is becoming the standard for most new running shoe models these days, the fully  knit tongue that ASICS released on the Nimbus 24 is somewhat new to the market. The knit material makes the tongue very light and flexible, creating a comfortable fit compared to the thick and padded tongue of the Nimbus 23. The removal of the thick tongue helped in making  the Nimbus 24, the lightest Nimbus ever produced. Aside from the  tongue, ASICS really focused on increased softness and the cloud-like feel when it comes to the upper. 3D space construction brings a little more structure, but the upper continues to be luxuriously soft.


The midsole is where the majority of upgrades occurred for this new model. To start, ASICS  engineered a new trusstic system or the resin used in the middle part of the sole to prevent excessive twisting and turning of the shoe which reduces risk of injury and increases performance and gives balanced support. The new Trusstic system  is sandwiched between 2 layers of foam which greatly smooths out the underfoot feel compared to the previous model making it much  lighter and less bulky. Speaking of foam, the GEL-NIMBUS 24 is designed with Fresh Foam Blast + rather than the original  Flyte Foam Blast as seen in previous models.

Flyte Foam Blast +  takes energy and liveliness to next level and is 15% lighter, 15%  softer, and  12% bouncier than Fresh Foam Blast. This new material is also in the front toe area of the shoe and helps increase the shoe’s rebound properties at the toe-off stage. 


Last but certainly not least, the outsole on the Nimbus 24, has  multiple improvements from the previous model . The new Asics LITE Rubber is used throughout the whole outsole. This  rubber compound is lighter,  stronger, and more sustainable than standard outsole rubbers. With this rubber, the shoe can easily grip the ground without sacrificing the durability and longevity of the shoe. The use of this compound makes the outsole just as durable as previous models but 15-20% lighter. With the absence of the exposed Trusstic system on the outsole, the Nimbus 24 lost even more weight underfoot.

The GEL-NIMBUS 24 continues to improve year over year, making it the ideal trainer for the premium cushion lover. Providing a super plush  and even bouncier ride, the Nimbus 24 is the best model yet. Check it out now!

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