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6 Weird Running Facts Only Runners Understand

Runners are a unique group of people. We not only enjoy one of the activities most people dislike, we sometimes go as far as to say we LOVE it. For many, running is something that we discovered usually in an unexpected way, and with it we have learned there is a whole other world to discover, not to mention a new side of ourselves as runners. In big ways or small ways things change when you become a runner and we’ve compiled a list of the most common of those running facts that at one point may have been considered “weird” but are now totally normal to many of us as runners. 

We pay to get sweaty and run. 

For many of us, running was once our least favorite sport in high school gym class. It was either viewed as a “punishment” or an irritant having to get sweaty in the middle of our day! Fast forward to a couple years later it’s now not only our preferred sport, we actually pay in order to participate. Luckily there’s a lot of us who have the same thought and now form part of an amazing community, the running community. Running in races and events such as the F2R Run Club has allowed us the opportunity to meet some great people and run through some pretty amazing places. 

We are ALWAYS thinking about running. 

Once you get hooked onto running it’s quite difficult for it not to be your “thing”. Before you head out for a run you start thinking about the route you’re going to be heading out to, the distance and/or speed you want to accomplish that day, and start making plans with who you will be out running with (or the things you need if it’s a solo run). While you are out running chances are you’re thinking about things like how you feel in the moment, how many miles you have left, maybe even the specific race you’re training for. Of course you’re also probably thinking where this running route will lead you to and where you need to finish to get the specific distance you want to accomplish. After, you’re thinking about how your run went, could you have improved? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Plus, with that post run runners high you’ll be thinking when is my next run? Will this be a route you’d like to repeat? 

We want you to ask us about running. 

When you have running on your brain 24/7 it will be no surprises that you now have the ability to naturally turn any conversation into something about running. That normal “hey how was your day?” Will most likely be answered with a “it’s been great. I had an amazing run this morning that I wasn’t excited about at first but once I got into the rhythm I felt great! Plus I felt so good I ended up doing one more  mile than I had planned without even thinking about it” All of a sudden your friends will know more about your running shoes, running routes and race training than your work life. 


We own more running shoes than regular shoes. 

It’s no surprise that when running takes over most of your thoughts you start to see more running in your closet as well. Aside from the fact that running shoes should be replaced every 400 miles (approximately) to keep you and them in top shape for running, they are getting more stylish everyday and come in some great colors that can match almost any outfit, running or otherwise. Plus, running shoes are usually a more comfortable alternative to other shoe wear, so your feet will thank you for the collection of running shoes you start to accumulate.

We plan vacations around running.

We don’t plan our vacation around relaxing or base it on who we know where, but we actually plan an entire trip or vacation around a specific race or running event. As runners we love to explore new places and know the best way to get to know a city is by running through it. Plus, we love to meet other runners and chat about running (not surprising) So, whether it’s a location we have always wanted to visit or only just discovered because of a race happening, there is no traveling distance that will keep a runner from taking a special run-cation. 

We prioritize our running needs.

With running taking over your thoughts, then your closet and eventually your vacation schedule it’s no surprise that you will start prioritizing your running gear as well. When thinking about things you want to improve or organizing your daily schedule, you will see running come to mind first.When packing for a trip it’s no surprise running gear will become the first thing you set aside and plan out before anything else. You can also expect that most of the clothes you pack will most likely be “runnable” clothes that can be used both for running and everyday wear. (Same can be said about your closet these days as well) 

Did any of the above apply to you?

Did you identify with all the above? Or was it just us? Whether you are a newer runner or have been running for years we bet you most likely could identify with at least one of these “weird runner things”. As you well know, integrating running into your life brings with it some great, sometimes unexpected changes that you end up loving even more than you anticipated. And if you’re just starting out and couldn’t identify with these yet, keep on your running journey, soon you will see what was once “weird” will become normal.

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