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As runners we have experienced what great joy running can bring to our lives and we want to share that with everyone including our kids. We want our kids to love running as much as us and while sometimes we think it’ll just happen naturally we may have to show them the way. Read on for some encouraging options on ways to get your kids running and hopefully enjoy it as much as you do. 

Show excitement towards running

Whenever you’re headed out for a run, share positive thoughts and show excitement for the run, especially when you know the kids are watching. When the kids see you excited about going for a run they learn that this is something you enjoy doing and may want to follow in your footsteps as well. While you may start this practice as a way to encourage your kids it will most likely help you with your personal motivation as well.  

Get them the perfect fitting running shoes

As a runner you know that the perfect fitting shoes make all the difference. The perfect amount of cushioning, support and stability can elevate your running and overall foot comfort. Help kids understand this by taking them shoe shopping with you and check out all the cool shoe options available to runners today. When possible let them pick out their own special running shoes. At specialty running stores like Fit2Run we carry great running shoe options for kids to help support them with perfect fit from an early age.  

Present running as a reward

Position running as a fun enjoyable activity for the kids. Include running as a treat or special activity you can share together. Consider letting your kids join you for your warm up/cool down or have them pick a route for you to check out together. This not only gets them running but gets you more personal time with your kiddos, it’s a win-win!

Encourage running at play time

It’s no surprise kids have a lot of energy, and as adults, as much as we’d like to, sometimes we just can’t keep up. Encourage running activities when your kids are on a play date or at recess. Whether it’s a quick sprint down the block or setting up a special time for some run fun, running can become an activity that kids enjoy plus it helps burn off some of that pent up energy.

Participate in races as a family

Being a part of a race in any capacity is always fun, and there’s a special adrenaline present on  race day that is unmatched. When possible, share this experience with your kids and have them join you in some capacity at local races, especially the ones you are participating in. Most races even have special kids dashes made specifically for children of all ages.

Running is a great activity to share as a family, whether it be running together or simply cheering eachother on, running brings family together in a unique way. Bring your family together with some running fun at our next Fit2Time race happening in a Fit2Run neighborhood near you. 

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