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Global Running Day is just around the corner and at Fit2Run we are super excited! Global Running Day is one of our favorite days of the year and we love seeing all runners celebrate in their way. While we highly encourage you to go out for a run to celebrate, we don’t want you to stop there. Read along to find out more about Global Running Day, including some fun ways to celebrate this running holiday.


If you ask us at Fit2Run, Global Running Day is only the best day of the year! Why you may ask? Global Running Day is a very special day of the year where running is celebrated worldwide. Observed the first Wednesday of every June since 2009, it quickly has become a tradition among the running community. The celebration is not about specific paces, distances or races, but about all the glorious, and great things about running as a sport. If you’re a runner, love running or are looking for a fun active celebration, Global Running Day will soon become your favorite too.  


While the obvious way to celebrate is to go run, there are many ways to make this run extra special in celebration! Check out these ways to celebrate Global Running Day:


On June 1st, bring a friend or family member who has maybe never considered going for a sporadic run. Show them one of your favorite run routes, neighborhood park or community track and share with them why you love running so much. Hopefully, this will get them excited to try running more often and soon will become a runner themselves even if they may resist the invitation at first. Note, if your friend is completely new to running be patient with time and make sure to include walk breaks and if necessary shorter route options. 


Whether it’s in person or virtually, joining a run group or club has many advantages. First and foremost it is a place/time where you can count on a fun group run. Aside from meeting new people and sharing some run time with fellow runners; having a specific set date and time to run with a group helps keep you accountable for your running and encourages others to stick to that same dedication. A run group also adds some extra fun to running with things like themed group runs and demo runs where runners get to try out some cool new running gear from top running brands. At Fit2Run we established the F2R Run Club to provide all these things and more. With meet ups every week at select locations, or virtually, you can join the F2R Run Club every Wednesday for some running fun. Free to join and open to all running levels at the F2R Run Club “there’s a place for every pace”.


This may be the perfect time to do a check in with your running gear. While we would all love our running gear to last forever at some point they will have to be replaced to ensure it’s in shape to continue to support you and your goals. General guideline rules to consider, running shoes should be replaced after 300 miles, and running bras should never see a birthday. If you find that this sounds like your gear it’s time to check out the latest advances in the running world. Treat yourself to the most upgraded model of your favorite running shoes, new styles of running apparel and the latest running accessories. No matter what you are looking for, Fit2Run has the perfect treat to celebrate Global Running Day.  


As runners one of our favorite things is to run all sorts of races. When you don’t quite feel like running a race or are injured, there are always opportunities to volunteer at a local running event. Whether it is water station support, clean up crew, check in staff or even coral control there is always work to be done at running events. From your local 5K to major world marathons most all races could use some extra volunteers to help during race day. As a runner yourself, you know first hand how the little details can take your race experience from good to great. Plus, being out supporting your fellow runners is a great way to celebrate the sportsmanship of running. Check out some local Florida races and sign up to volunteer!


Use the excuse of Global Running Day to call up a running buddy you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe it’s a training partner from a previous race, or a friend who’s been inviting you for a run for ages but your schedules haven’t aligned lately. Find a common running ground or explore a new running route together; a fun spot where you can both enjoy a nice run while catching up on all things running and more. If you’re in a Florida, check out some of our favorite running routes!


Whatever way you decide to celebrate Global Running Day, be sure to have fun! If you want to keep the fun running all year long, chat with a Fit Expert at one of our Fit2Run locations or check out the F2R Run Club for weekly group fun runs!

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