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The Carbon X 2, newest release from HOKA, is engineered with a responsive carbon fiber plate to add propulsion for an efficient and smooth stride over many miles. Features a PROFLY™  midsole designed to provide a perfect blend of soft protection and energetic response in HOKA’s softest and lightest foam to date. This low-profile cushion bed keeps your foot closer to the ground and firmer material designed to provide an efficient push-off. The simplified upper material makes the fit more breathable and lightweight, while a bonded tongue makes for a more secure wrap of the foot. This inherently stable and supportive packaged shoe is designed to withstand your training miles as well as your racing miles. 

To celebrate it’s newest innovation HOKA has announced ‘Project Carbon X 2’ a 100K World Record attempt in the United States and Japan. The current records mark 6:09:14 (set by Japan’s Nao Kazami in 2018 for the men’s division) and 6:33:11 (set by Japan’s Nao Kazami in 2018 for the women’s division). HOKA athletes have set the bar high once again attempting to break the six hour mark using the Carbon X 2.

Over three dozen global athletes will successively attempt the record in China, Japan and Phoenix, Arizona. The challenge will be headlined by athletes in three different divisions of HOKA’s professional teams, HOKA US, HOKA Japan and HOKA EMEA (Europea, Middle East and Asia). Project Carbon X2 is set to begin on January 23, 2021 at 7:00am JST and 7:00am MST. 

“At HOKA, we have grown into the brand was are today by setting lofty goals, not compromising, and taking a bold and unexpected approach to meet those ends” says Mike McManus, Director of Global Sports Marketing at HOKA ONE ONE “Perhaps no shoe embodies that spirit better than the Carbon X2-designed without compromise to offer the very best in performances to all athletes, empowering them to fly no matter their goals”

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