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Innovation in foams, rubbers, construction, textiles and other key running shoe components have made performance running shoes more durable, resilient and responsive as well as lighter and more dynamic. All of this innovative running shoe technology is designed to facilitate a better running experience and help reduce risk of injury.

While footwear brands have certainly unveiled compelling innovations in outsoles (the bottom of shoes) as well as upper materials delivering enhanced breathability, reduced friction and improved support, no part of the running shoe has seen more technological innovation over recent years than the midsole.

The midsole is the most important part of running shoe construction since it is responsible for cushioning and stability. While a rubbery compound called ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) was once the standard, footwear brands have aggressively experimented with different foams, processes and solutions to drive innovation. As a result, today’s performance running shoes boast midsole technologies that offer greater cushioning, rebound and durability — and often at a lighter weight.

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Brooks’ DNA Loft v3 nitrogen-infused foam is softer, lighter and more responsive than any previous Brooks midsole material.(Try out the Brooks Aurora!)

Saucony’s PWRRUN+ absorbs five percent more impact and is 28 percent lighter than its previous foam.( Saucony’s Triumph 19 is extremely absorbant)

On’s Helion superfoam is softer, lighter and more durable while also being temperature resistant.( The On Cloudstratus has superior cushion)

The geometrical design of Hoka’s Meta-Rocker midsole creates a rocking chair-like fulcrum effect to efficiently support a runner’s natural form. (The Hoka Bondi X is the perfect mix of speed and cushion)

ASICS’s FlyteFoam has been tested to be 55 percent lighter and offers 76 percent better cushioning than conventional EVA. (The Nimbus 24 is lighter than a feather)

Fresh Foam from New Balance is engineered for precision comfort and provides an ultra cushioned and lightweight ride.( The New Balance 860 v12 is lightweight and more durable than ever before)

At Fit2Run we carry a variety of high quality brands and models of running shoes to fit all styles of runners. While they are all great shoes the perfect fit running shoe is not always “one size fits all” so make sure to come by a Fit2Run today to talk to a Fit Expert about finding your perfect fit.

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