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Music and running go hand and hand. One is simply made better by the other. Think about the last time you heard your favorite song. Hard to keep still, right? Music not only gets you going, but its rhythmic features help to keep you going. Music helps with performance, and we are going to tell you why. 


Whether your pace is more to the tune of a Whitney Houston ballad or closer to the beat of an energetic Queen song, listening to the right music can help regulate your pace during a run. Especially during training, learning to keep a steady pace is imperative to reaching maximum performance. By setting your pace to the beats of a good song, you will be able to control your pace and heart rate early on, keeping you running longer. Knowing your optimal BPM or heartbeats per minute is essential when choosing a song to set your pace to. Although this number is based on multiple factors including weight, height, and age, an average runner should shoot for a BPM of 140-190. Lucky for you, we have some song recommendations that follow this pace: 


Music has historically been known to be an incredibly motivating factor when it comes to the world of sports. Especially when running alone, music can act as a personal motivator and provide encouragement through every step. Music actually helps release dopamine in your brain, which will get you to that runner’s high even quicker. Music has the power to change your mood drastically, so on the days you really aren’t feeling it, music will be there to keep you going. Here are some up-beat, good vibes songs that will motivate any runner:


Studies have shown that the simple act of putting on a pair of headphones and turning on a tune can make your run seem much more effortless. Think about that time when you felt your legs get heavy, your breath starts to speed up, and your body really just begins giving up during a run; we’ve all been there. But, the second the right song comes on, you feel re-energized and ready to go. The main reason behind this seemingly magical power behind music is the distraction factor that it brings. When your favorite song comes on, you begin transferring your thoughts from negative ones to positive ones about the lyrics and tune of the song. Check out these songs for a good distraction during your runs:

Listening to music is one thing but listening to music the right way is a whole other thing. Aftershokz Bluetooth performance headphones are bone-conducting and provide a great open-ear listening experience. One of the best features of these headphones is the fact that they allow you to listen to music while still being able to hear what is going on around you, creating a safe music-listening environment. Not to mention, no irritating wires or earbuds are falling out of your ears. Garmin also has several watches that are specially made for music streaming and storage. You can connect your watch using Bluetooth to your headphones for easy listening.

We know music isn’t for all runners, and that’s okay! Sometimes we all need a little quiet time. But, if music is for you, we asked our Fit2Run team what their favorite song to run to are and created a curated playlist just for you! Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think by following and keeping up with us on social media!

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