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If you want to add a lot of happiness to your running, look no further because that’s precisely what Brooks Running’s mission is: make every run and every runner “Run Happy!” Dedicating all their energy solely to creating the best running gear, Brooks focuses on making each run better than the last. Being in the running industry since the 1970s, Brooks has the experience to bring the most innovative and creative products into the running market. 

With all this great running knowledge, Brooks has created some top-of-the-line running shoes for every runner, but how do you know which shoe is the perfect fit for you? Check out this easy-to-follow guide our Fit Experts have created on how to find you the Brooks running shoe that will keep you running happy.


For the runner who wants the most cushion and supreme softness, the Brooks Glycerin is the shoe for you. With the highest cushion level in the Brooks lineup, this shoe offers the plushest comfortable ride. The newest Glycerin, the Glycerin 20 features Brooks’ nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3, a dynamic cushioning that adapts to your personal stride, weight, and speed to respond most to your unique ride. The Glycerin is a lightweight, neutral shoe that is ideal for walking or running on track or road surfaces.


The Glycerin GTS is the go-to shoe for the runner who also wants the cushion and supreme softness of the Glycerin but requires more stability for their overpronating step. The Glycerin GTS incorporates GuideRails (known as Go-To-Support or GTS) to help support your body, feet, knees and hips in its natural motion path while keeping excess movement in check. The new Glycerin GTS 20 also features the same nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning that adapts to your personal stride, weight, and speed to respond most to your unique ride. The Glycerin GTS is for the runner who wants plushy goodness combined with support at every step.



If you’re looking for a shoe that can take you from everyday wear to workout, running or walking, the Ghost is the shoe that can do all that and more. This neutral shoe gives you a plush, comfortable feel with the unique DNA LOFT v2 combination of rubber, air, and less dense foam, bringing a lighter and more comfortable feel with every wear. Available in more than a dozen color combinations, plus some special edition color schemes, your biggest issue will be deciding how many Ghosts are too many (not that we would judge).

Adrenaline GTS

If Goldilocks had to pick her “just right” running shoes, she would’ve decided on the Adrenaline GTS. A perfect balance of support and softness gives you a smooth, comfortable ride for any run. Using the Brooks GuideRails (known as Go-To-Support or GTS), this stability shoe provides added smart support for your hips and knees in their natural motion while keeping excess movement in check. The Adrenaline GTS is a perfect shoe for any overpronating runner transitioning from walking to everyday running.


Are you looking for some serious speed? The Hyperion Max is the shoe for you. Designed with a unique heel-to-toe curving specifically to give you a speedy heel-to-toe transition, this neutral speedster takes your running to the next level. The ultralight cushioning of the Brooks DNA FLASH cushion absorbs the impact of the road or track you’re on and returns the energy while it adapts to your stride to take your steps further and faster. Whether you feel like some extra speed in your run, your training requires a speed session, or you want to compete against the clock, this is the perfect shoe for you.

Here are a couple extra tidbits to help guide you through your selection:

-All Brooks shoes start with BioMoGo DNA cushioning to create dynamic comfort for every runner. This means the shoes’ midsoles are adaptive to the runner’s unique stride, weight and speed. In other words, Brooks shoes work hard to adapt to you and your movement, so you can concentrate on the miles ahead without worrying about adapting to your new shoes.

-Brooks stability shoes feature their unique GuideRails (GTS) to help guide a runner’s feet, hips and knees through the natural habitual movement of a runner’s body in motion. Think of these as rails added in a bowling alley to keep the ball from entering the gutter lane.

-Every Brooks Running product is made for runners by runners. As a company, they believe that to make great running gear, it’s not enough to study it. They have to live it too. Every shoe is worn, tested and analyzed by Brooks runners of every level and will only be released if it is perfect. So no matter the model you prefer, you can always count on a great quality shoe from Brooks.

If you still have questions about Brooks running shoes or have doubts about the perfect fit running shoe, please talk to one of our Fit Experts at any Fit2Run location or connect with us online! Because, like Brooks, we want you to always “Run Happy”

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