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Running shoes typically need to be replaced every 300-500 miles. A mile in your running shoes is a mile in your running shoes. No matter if that mile is from running or walking around running errands. If you are wearing your running shoes for everyday wear they will ultimately wear out faster, causing you to have to replace them more often. Luckily, there are great shoes made for everyday that you can add to your shoe wardrobe. The On Cloud is a fan-favorite from On, not for running, but simply for everyday adventuring! Since launching in 2014, it has appeared on Olympic podiums and Parisian catwalks, winning awards and fans worldwide. Stylishly concealing state-of-the-art running tech, the Cloud is the perfect performance shoe for all-day, everyday wear. It’s the best-selling On for a reason. 

Keep reading to find out why you need the On Cloud 5 on your shoe rack.


Running shoes have easily molded into the daily wear of runners, and for us, it feels odd to wear anything else daily. Sure, wearing your favorite “running” shoe out and about every once in a while is fine, but what every runner needs is a sporty and practical lifestyle shoe.

Here are our top reasons you need to add a lifestyle shoe like the On Cloud 5 to your collection:

Preserve Your Running Shoes

As mentioned above,  running shoes typically need to be replaced every 300-500 miles and wearing them on a daily basis while you are not running can make them wear down faster. Running shoes generally tend to be at a higher price point, so saving them just for running will also keep more money in your pocket in the long run.

Reduce the risk of injury

Running shoes are designed with injury prevention in mind. Most running shoes contain more cushioning and are made for greater impact with the road. They are also designed with propulsive forward movement in mind and are meant for speed. Walkers generally walk the same way, whereas runners can be heel strikers, overpronators, etc., so they need shoes that fit their individual needs.

About the on cloud 5

KEY features:

  • Weight: 230g
  • Heel-Toe Drop: 6mm
  • CloudTec Cushion Technology
  • Updated Outsole to Prevent Debris Pick Up
  • Convenient Speed Lacing Technology
  • Increased Midsole for Softer Landings

The On Cloud 5 was built with everyday people in mind. Whether you are wearing the Cloud for urban exploration, a coffee date, or a trip to the grocery store, it will suit your needs. 

THE upper

The On Cloud 5, as in previous models, has an engineered mesh upper that is both breathable and offers a little bit of stretch. The shoe’s gusseted tongue is soft and slim, making the shoe even more lightweight. A gusseted tongue is completely attached to the upper of the shoe to create a more form and customized fit. One of the most notable features of the On Cloud is elasticated speed laces. In layman’s terms, these are laces you don’t have to tie! These laces have “no flap” when you are walking and still keep the tongue of the shoe firm to your foot. If speed laces aren’t for you, these shoes also come with standard laces that tie up as normal for more rigourous activity! This feature is perfect for on the go! Lastly,  the On Cloud protects your toes with the plastic-coated toe-cap at the front of the shoe.

The Insole

The slip-on ease of the Cloud is what made it one of the most loved  On styles. In the newest model, On worked to improve this with an upgraded sock liner within the shoe, which adapts to your unique foot shape, making it feel custom made for you. This sock liner makes your shoe always comfortable whether you are wearing socks or not.

The Midsole

The midsole is minimally designed and lightly cushioned to make every step cloud-like. Although lightweight, this shoe seems to be extremely responsive when walking. The minimalist style of the midsole is what designates this shoe as a “lifestyle” shoe rather than a running shoe. There is not a lot of support in the midsole, making this shoe the perfect everyday pick.

The Outsole

If you have ever tried the On Cloud X, the Outsole of the On Cloud will feel extremely familiar. The bottom of the shoe boasts Zero-gravity foam and CloudTec to ensure soft landings and a lightly cushioned under-foot feel. Specifically designed pods on the bottom of the shoe help keep small rocks and debris from getting stuck inside the treads of the shoe, an improvement that loyal Cloud wearers will appreciate. With an increased number of grip pads underfoot from previous models,  you will now be more controlled in wet or wild conditions.

On cloud 5: Built different

No matter how often, how long, or how far you run, a great lifestyle shoe for every day is essential. The On Cloud 5 is the perfect mix of cushion, style, and ease, making it a top-rated everyday shoe for runners and non-runners alike. Save your running shoes for running and grab a pair of On Cloud 5’s at your nearest Fit2Run or online at

Are you looking to learn more about the On Cloud 5? Check out our  Runner’s Review by Fit Expert, Kelsey!

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